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[MOL] Fleas

   I have a flea problem.. but the problem is, they are always on me.  My
roommates dog has fleas, and they have taken a liking to me. I don't like
this at all, I have scars and bites all over my body. The ones that are
starting to go away, go away but more pop up. I have bombed the House
several times, and have used the carpet stuff...no help at all from roommate
too. I have a feeling they are in my clothes and in my mattress. I wash and
vacuum all the time, then change the bag afterwards. i have done some
alcohol (sprayed) it on my bed..mattress. Didn't do anygood still...PLEASE
HELP!! My summer is shot so far, here it is Easter and I have to be the one
of the side of the pool this year, In BLUE JEANS....HELP!!!!

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