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Re: [MOL] I need your input...soory it is long.

Hi, Luiza, I am not able to post as much as I would like to, either, but
like you, follow what is happening with all our friends. I know that
even if I can't always write, I CAN always PRAY for each one! (And yes,
we do have a great God). I am so happy to hear that Kenny is doing so
well! That is wonderful news.

Re: your question, I would go ahead and mention "gift" in your
advertising. The fact that you are sensitive to it to begin with tells
me that you will do it in a way that raises awareness without exploiting
it. As part of it, you might want to have a flyer with a personal note
available for potential clients to take if they wish, explaining why you
are making this offer. You could have a brief paragraph saying something
to the effect that, Kenny is doing well but it is your hope that others
will be saved by knowing what to watch for. Then either list what to
watch for, or include  one of the pre-printed flyers put out by the
cancer society. That will send a clear message right away that you are
trying to inform, not exploit. Good luck, and blessings to you both.
Love, Joicy
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