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[MOL] Let's hear it for miracles!!

Dear Marty,
It seems so fitting during this season of miracles and celebration of
God's goodness, to receive such wonderful, wonderful news! I am
overjoyed for both of you, friend. I know that you have both been
through so much, and "resurrection" no doubt will have a special meaning
for you 2 this year! Please give Barb a big hug for me, and hugs to you
as well. I know that I would have melted in tears myself, to hear such

I am doing some celebrating myself -- 5 years ago, after undergoing a
mastectomy, I was put on chemo and lost all my hair between Palm Sunday
and Easter Sunday. Today, that "bald" is covered with hair below my
shoulders, and yesterday my oncologist "graduated me" from appointments
every 3-4 months to 6 months. I am now "officially" a 5-year survivor!

I am even now thanking God for all the blessings on those who have been
on this cancering journey, Marty, with special prayers for healing for
all those fighting this disease. Love, Joicy
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