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[MOL] I need your input...soory it is long.

Dear Molers:

I'm not very active on the board but I read all of your messages. Just a 
brief update my husband Kenny age 53 was dx with colon cancer stage 3  in 
1998 he had a tumor removed from his small intestine followed by uft and 
leucovorin for 6 months. At his 1 year follow up they found a tumor on his 
liver that was Oct of 99 he had a resection in Nov. He is currently 
undergoing chemo camptosar cirinotecan. He is tolerating it very well his 
oncologist increased his dosage by 10% this week because he was tolerating it 
so well. We saw a therapist weekly who worked with us, with guided imagery 
this was a tremendous help, also she helped me a great deal coping with the 
fear. We see her only 2x per month now. Kenny has a wonderful disposition he 
is very positive, he works out, he works 6 hrs. per day six days a week. We 
recently took a vacation he golfed and swam and relaxed. He has joined me in 
going to church and that has been a wonderful experience. We have had 
wonderful support from family, friends so many prayers said. Two weeks ago he 
had scan done of his lungs, abdomen, and liver and they all came back clear. 
His response was I told you so....I'm the worry wort. I've come to trust God 
and his power, the power of prayer.  
I continue to pray as I go through this Holy week for all the wonderful 
friends that we have at MOl. Yes Marty Miracles do happen on this earth 
everyday and I rejoice with you and Barb.
Sorry for rambling I do need your advice on an issue. I sale real estate and 
do alot of  self  promotinal work. I feel that what Kenny and I have been 
through could have been prevented, had we been educated, if people talked 
about what goes on in the unmentionable body parts and body functions (he had 
little signs that were ignored) I want to include in my advertising that I 
will donate $100.00 of every transaction to the NCCRA ( Katie Courics 
foundation). My dilemma is that I don't want people to think that I am in any 
way exploiting my situation, please be honest. Love to you all Thanks for 
being here Love Luiza 

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