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Re: [MOL] Barbara Auslander update.....A Miracle is Occurred

In a message dated 04/21/2000 8:40:10 AM Eastern Daylight Time, writes:

> You may say that maybe there is a mistake. I don't>  believe so. Barb has 
never looked as young and beautiful and as>  energetic. 

Marty, since it is just as easy and just as likely for things to go WELL as 
it is to believe the negative, we can choose to always believe the best.  And 
that is what I am doing with my father's current stability too.  Yes, we do 
know that things can change. But that is always true, no matter who it is or 
what our present health is. My father was a perfectly healthy senior citizen 
one day and had a cancer diagnosis the next!  My next-door neighbor had 
cancer twice and is cancer-free 9 years now. She could choose to believe 
every day that the cancer will come back for the next 20 years - OR - she 
could spend the next 20 years of her life enjoying her newest grandaughter.  
I thank GOD for Barb's latest miracle and I hope in his mercy that it 
continues.  God bless you and Barb. -chris
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