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[MOL] Barbara Auslander update.....A Miracle is Occurred

Good Morning, 

A Miracle is occurred. 

I am riding this very very high crested wave of emotions, one filled
with joy. We were and still are suppose to see Barbara's Oncologist this
Saturday, tomorrow for a follow up and to learn about the test results,
which included a ca-125 tumor marker, taken about 10 days ago. WE
received a call from his office yesterday and I answered the phone and
the Doctors nurse said "I called to tell you Barbs tumor marker
results". Since Barb and I have these deep anxieties of trepidation each
month, one week before we see her doctor receiving any test results
especially the tumor marker, this was one of those heart stopping
anticipated calls. She continued to say......"Barbs marker is normal. It
is 30". I started crying like a baby and scared the nurse, but told her
it was tears of joy. When I hung up, Barb was scared. I told her " Barb
I have your tumor marker results. It is normal...30". (0-35 is normal) 
She sat down with me and cried. Four weeks ago it was 68. There has
never in the past 6 years of fighting this d...n disease that a
significant change as this had occurred, either up or down. NOw,
Saturday I will get all the results, the cbcs, the lifts, the total
protein, etc. blood tests and the latest cat scans which show no
evidence of disease and the tumor marker, copies
of the reports. You may say that maybe there is a mistake. I don't
believe so. Barb has never looked as young and beautiful and as

For those that do not know Barbs history. I will be brief, this time,
lol. She was diagnosed close to 6 years ago with a rare disease. A
primary tumor was never found, but all her lymph nodes were enlarged
from pelvic to neck The disease was stage IV.  The doctors at that time
told me, that she had two weeks to live. I told them not to tell Barb.
In those 6 years she had records amount of various chemo therapies and
we also attended a few alternative clinics, here in the U.S and abroad.
All treatments worked, for a time in most cases. We have incorporated a
protocol of wellness and a daily regimen that is profound and healthy,
in our case. WE had attended and still do two clinics that appear to 
the largest contributor factor to what has ocurring. Will tell you
more in subsequent messages.

We attribute many things to this victory. and yes it is a big victory,
because 30 means to me....."cancer free". Yes it can go up and yes it
can go down moreso and that is what we will focus on. There has been
many changes in our protocal of treatments and daily lifestyle over the
past 10 weeks. Barb has not been a candidate for conventional therapy as
those days are over since she had received a record amount of
conventional treatments and yes we had been seeing alternative clinics
over the years,  but truly these past ten weeks have been different, and
profoundly wonderful.  I would like to share with you and all those that
are seeking hope what we have been doing and may be of some benefit to
those that would be interested in a survivors success story. But, for
now, we are in the midst of a miracle....this very spiritual holiday
week...Passover, Good Friday, Easter. What more can I say for now,
than....thank you G-d. 

There has been much support from very close friends and relatives and we
thank them each and all. WE will continue the fight until this is
totally out of Barbs body. For now we believe that we have the upper
hand and we thank all those that have been a big contributory factor in
our effort to win. WE will never forget.  Please share with us this very
special and happy and healthy time in prayer and thanks. For we pray for
you, what we have received so that those that are close to us and those
that we know will be receiving the blessings of good health and for
those that are healthy to remain healthy. 

God Bless You All, 
marty and Barbara Auslander
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