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If you are not a 'classified ad poster', please pardon my intrusion. This is a small targeted market list named Classified Ad Posters and is intended for such an audience. If you have no interest in classified advertising, again I am sorry and I assure you this list won't be traded or passed on in any form. 

April 21, 2000

Dear fellow classified ad poster,

I believe we have something in common in that we both use the Internet to place classified advertisements. Having spent TWO years myself literally pounding the keyboard, I feel us ad posters are one of the "strongest willed" groups of people online (a bias maybe?). That is the MAIN reason you have received this email, that hopefully YOU & I share a similar work ethic. With the anticipation of finding and/or developing a strong, solid network of contacts consisting of this "target group", I have decided to offer my personal "classified toolbox" to you, as an incentive. A ONE TIME OFFER to a small, targeted group of people. No hype, offered this one time only, again, AS AN INCENTIVE for you to join forces with me in a "think tank" type environment. 

SO, exactly what IS this toolbox? Glad you asked, I'm actually quite proud of it!

It's a FOOLPROOF system that uses FREE classified ads for promoting, marketing and selling virtually ANY product online.   

Up to now, it has only been distributed to people I have a DIRECT (financial) interest in, for this simple reason: I want them to succeed. They DO, afterall, have a direct impact on my bottom line... In fact, I strongly suggest they digest the entire toolbox contents BEFORE spending the first red cent. Once you check out the toolbox contents, you'll see why! 

The "MASTER LIST" of Classified AD Links, FREE AD Links. 
(this is the MAIN course, and worth it's weight in gold!)
A "point and click" directory of 607 commercial websites that ACTUALLY encourage their visitors to post FREE classified advertising. It's the collection of site links I use EVERY day for the "classified ad element" of my personal marketing plans. (yes, I actually sit down and 'do' marketing plans, lol...) You simply put a single disk into your computer, sign onto the Internet, and click on the links. You are directed right to the ad submission page.
It can, and should be, used as the PERFECT LEAD GENERATOR for people with existing "offerings"! 
(I use 'offering' generically for any product or service)
While undertaking a job of posting 600 ads out here to sell your existing offering can take some time, IT WILL have a VERY profound impact on your bottom line. Imagine 600 different prospecting fingers ALL pointing to you, or to your website, or your phone, fax-on-demand, etc. You get the idea... AND, if you were to take it to the next level, and run 2 or 3 DIFFERENT ad headlines at each ad site (they're free, remember) you would have 1200 to 1800 additional LEAD GENERATORS out here.  
A VIRTUAL CLASSIFIED AD BLITZ. All traceable, down to the last email (more on tracking later). It really is SIMPLE, all you have to do after a grueling week of submitting your ads is to keep up a CURRENT list of when to renew the ads that ARE pulling in the highest responses.
Not CURRENTLY selling with ads? (is there a person out there that HASN'T seen a Don Lapre infomercial?)
Or THINKING you'd like to sell something, but don't know what to offer? 
MAYBE you have a GREAT idea for something but DOUBT whether people would actually buy it?

Then this directory is the PERFECT TOOL for testing the waters! And BEST of all, the ADS are FREE!
A combination of testing with a clear methodical approach is your blueprint for success. 

There are more than enough free ad sites on my disk to gauge EXACTLY what kind of response your personal offering would receive, for ANY TYPE offering. 
This directory of classified ads will save you many, many HEADACHES, just as it does for me. In fact most of the opportunities presented to me undergo the "classified litmus test" long before I actively commit. Let me let you in on something... ALWAYS TEST the market for your product or idea BEFORE investing huge amounts of time and money based simply on company or personal testimonials! This should apply DOUBLY whenever the "mlm" phrase is involved. ALWAYS TEST FIRST. If you get a good response, GREAT, GO FOR IT!  But get the response FIRST, before investing your money, your time, and your families time. 

Are you ready to get onboard even BEFORE I throw in the FREEBIES SECTION of my Toolbox? GREAT!
But first, let's get something straight right up front:
MAKE NO MISTAKE ABOUT IT, posting 600 ads is WORK. And it's not glamorous work either. While the rest of the goodies included below will SAVE you time and MAZIMIZE your efforts, submitting the ads initially IS REAL WORK. You'll fully understand what I'm saying here AFTER you finally get to website number 100 and realize you ONLY have 500 to go... Personally, there is no way of knowing just how many ads I've placed in the past couple years to get where I am now, but I can ASSURE YOU THIS much: If you find that ONE AD that works (only sound, quality offerings need apply), and you make a DEEP internal commitment to yourself to apply yourself DAILY, you WILL succeed. The only thing that is going to make you successful on the Internet is the execution of a cohesive and deliberate system for delivering results. I have it.


Now for the rest of your Toolbox "FREEBIE" Contents:

The Guerilla Web Promotion and Marketing E-Book 
How to Work the Web for Tons of Free Publicity and Promotion 
The ULTIMATE self promotion reference book that teaches you the marketing and promotion methods of the most successful web entrepreneurs. 
If you read nothing else you receive, READ THIS. Takes you by the hand and covers it all; Basics, Contests, E-Mail, Events and Press Releases, Linking, Awards, Content, and Newsgroups. 

FREE email accounts MASTER LIST
If you are going to effectively track your progress you will NEED multiple email accounts. If you already sell a product using other ad mediums, how are you going to know the TRUE response to your classified ad blitz? Every offering I have posted out here has it's own "email identity". Having multiple addresses are also VERY effective when testing different ad headlines. Example? You place an ad with headline 1, it reads at the bottom, for more info - email me. Ad headline 2 is posted on the same ad site (free ads remember?) but uses a different email address, again prompting your prospect to email for more info... If ad headline 1 pulls in 80% of your responses, you found a winner, USE IT! In fact, use it 600 times!

While I have collected an exhaustive list of "special reports", I keep a total of  371 on a "report library disk" mainly to serve as either a "getting up to speed" program for new associates, or a "continuing ed" program for us veteran marketers. They CAN be sold, but I have found they BEST serve as an EXCELLENT source of information to distribute to people with whom I have a vested interest in. Reading these reports creates a very fertile thinking ground in your mind. Reading these reports (while mentally attaching YOUR offering to it) will help you brainstorm EVEN MORE ideas on how to sell EVEN MORE of your product. Many reports are cleverly disguised ads, most of us know that already... HOWEVER, they are a wealth of "ad copy examples" (good and bad, we learn from both) for people just starting in business for themselves. BRAINFOOD.
This "library" has been limited to 4 categories pertinent to sales oriented topics related to what we do. 

I'll also give you an action plan that will take only a short time to implement.  Pretty much just an outline of MY "working day" broken down. It was requested by an associate once, actually felt honored to be asked...  Basic time management with a PC life, it's simply what works for me. If it works for you, great! If not, pitch it... I'd hate to think someone would interpret it as the ONLY WAY to run your day!
But remember, "We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act, but a HABIT." Aristotle


THE COST?  $24.95 which includes S&H costs.


This should be enough to get your mind started. DO take your time and brainstorm a bit. While many people will read this invitation, very few will ACT on it. Which is OK, it's not a large volume of "toolbox orders" that I'm looking for. Similar to the Marines slogan, I'm actually only looking for a few TRULY COMMITED marketers to form a networking community with. The bigger the group, the more ideas. But there's also the thought of the smaller the group, the better the ideas...

In the sales world, many people suffer from "analysis paralysis". Let me help you get past that. You CAN generate GREAT business without an ad budget, but, let's get real - it takes effort. While we pay $0 for advertising per se, what we do pay, in terms of time and effort, is great INITIALLY. If you don't have that deep internal drive to COMMIT YOUR time, you WON'T succeed, I'd rather you SAVE your money.

BUT, once you find "that ONE thing", that ignites your passion to use those "tiny classified ads", and ACTUALLY TAKE THAT CHANCE, your life will NEVER be the same.
Look for the products and opportunities around you to sell with classifieds in everything that you do, they're everywhere... 
Or, you can check out what your future fellow group members are involved in selling, ALONG with responses posted by the group about their products.
You choose!

Here's to YOUR online success!

J. Freimuth

So, when you are ready, this is what you need to do to get your Classified Ad Toolbox:

Mail your payment to (and make payable to) me at:

J. Freimuth
P.O. Box 9674
Fort Wayne, IN 46899

Include your name, shipping address, email address. 
If you would like to join our "members" networking group, please include a small bio of your marketing and sales experience too. 

I'm the kind of person that ALWAYS has questions, figuring you might be too, I added this...

So, what do I currently sell?
I'm currently spending the majority of my time generating referral incomes generating leads to e-commerce websites, service based offerings. This is far less work on me, I simply point the way to websites (company provided), people use the service, checks are mailed weekly. I generate traffic, they do the paperwork. Definitely best ROI in terms of time spent vs. money made.
My single product oriented offering is a "skin exfoliation system". It sells for $99. Again, company does the work of billing and shipping. I only provide to the company the buyer payment and shipping address information. I make a percentage of retail. I haven't placed an ad for this product in 8 weeks and still receive daily orders.
Website Programs lead generation.  

Do I have any future plans?
CASINO mlm (binary structure) lead generation, accounting software still in development at this writing. 
Group member mlm's (binary format only!), 3rd party lead generation.

Can you buy the toolbox and not join? 
Yes, I can't stop you from buying and using the toolbox should you decide not to join "the group", but please give joining our movement serious thought.

What's the underlying motive behind this email? 
The recruitment and building of a group of overacheivers for future opportunities. I can't possibly explore and take the time to TEST every opportunity that looks promising. 
However, I hold a deep disdain for people simply joining a program I'm in just to benefit from the hours I commit to daily. Finding people that ALREADY share my work ethic seemed impossible. That's the main reason MLM's fail, nobody works its any harder than giving samples ($$) to family members, friends, coworkers, then waiting for testimonial worthy checks to start rolling in. Filling downlines has never been a problem, finding quality people that can work and share success together is.
People that have the patience to run classified ads campaigns simply have a true burning desire to succeed big and they work hard, I know...
I envision a group of of people communicating in a 'members only' atmosphere, each individual bringing ideas and opportunities to the table. We as a group could collectively test these ops jointly. Say Joe finds what appears to be a solid mlm op... He posts it on our message board and explains why he thinks it's hot, and maybe a hyperlink to the company site. It's there for everyone to comment on, pro and con. Maybe we talk him out of a bad choice, OR maybe follow him into it... 

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