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Re: [MOL] Bronchial Alveolar

Kandis, My husband has this cancer.  He was diagnosed almost 2 years ago.  It is a cancer that is related to smoking and is also genetic.  Our son was warned to stay out of smoky rooms and not to smoke if at all possible.    We have been through chemo, several stays in the hospital, nothing has helped and I'm sorry to report this to you.  At the present time we just learned that the cancer has begun to grow and if it does as expected it will go very fast.  My husband decided to quit chemo as it was the cause of the hospital stays because his immune system was so compromised.  He has opted for quality rather than quantity of life.  We have done what we can at this point.  You will find little on this cancer.  It must be rare or little researched.  You and your mother have our prayers.  As time goes by there is more and more to fight cancer with so perhaps your mother will be one of the lucky ones.  I hope so.    Carol
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Date: Thursday, April 20, 2000 2:33 PM
Subject: [MOL] Bronchial Alveolar

My mother has been diagnosed with 'Bronchial Alveolar'.  She has not sought a second opinion, yet, we just found out Tuesday.  Maybe a bit premature, but, we wanted to get as much information on this type of lung cancer as we could, to be somewhat prepared...I'm having problems finding a 'definition' of this type of cancer.  Do I have the name of it wrong?  Can someone direct me to a good place to find the information we want?  (And the correct terminology, if I'm wrong?)