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Re: [MOL] We need some prayers for Tommy

Dear Lillian,
    You are always supporting others and giving of your heart and your time 
in research for others.  I had no idea you were suffering as much as you are. 
 I am praying for you right now. 
    Your brother-in-law has no idea what you are going through.  He only goes 
by what he experiences himself.  My husband gets a little irritated with me 
sometimes and then he talks to my doctor and apologizes.  He sees me 
seemingly feeling great, but no energy and very little ambition to do much.  
It frustrates him, but he's very supportive.
    My weight is extremely high, but not from cancer.  I was already large.  
Praise God, I have not gained more than 5 pounds since all of this started.  
Larry (my husband) and I both are concerned about my weight.  Then my doctor 
says the same to me -- I'm trying to keep you alive and you're concerned 
about your weight!
    Cry if you need.  I'm crying with you.  Then look up and see the sky and 
God's creation around you.  You are an incredible person.  Never forget it.  
You're brother-in-law doesn't know what he's talking about.  We love you!!!
Luv ya lots,
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