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[MOL] Thank you all Mol Angels. ():-)

For all you that responded, Joicy, Lil, John, Kathy Q, Dusti, Charlotte,
Brother Marty,
Kathy from Boise, Chris, Deb, and all the rest of you
wonderful Mol Angels
Thank you so much.
I am sorry that I don't have time to respond to each of you.  Just this much
has been a total of
about three hours.  I have to spend the rest of my time waiting on Mother
and Don right now.
I know all of you understand.
Boy!  One thing after another.  I had to work the morning run this morning.
I built a nice fire in the wood stove to keep my Honey and Mother warm,
well, Mother smelled
smoke, so Don called Shelly and told her the house was full of smoke, so she
drove like 90 to
get here.  The chimney blew off the back of the stove and the smoke just
went all through the house.
She had all the basement windows open with fans going.  Mother had enough
since to shut the
basement door, so not as much had got to the upstairs.  Never had that
problem before, always have the
chimney cleaned a couple times a year.  The chimney was still clean.  My
Son-in-law is coming over
today to put some screw's in that part so that won't happen again.  I also
have to get a new smoke alarm,
it didn't go off.  No more wood heat when I am not at home.  We can't afford
to run the gas furnace all
the time, Don needs the house to warm, I have to wear my summer clothes in
the house, that's how
warm he needs it.
I have to go and get a nap while I can, only had 2 hours sleep last night.
First I have a couple more e-mails to respond to, then I will take time for
me before I fix Supper.
Your support and prayers are sooooo helpful, I just can't begin to thank you
all enough.
Love, hugs & prayers to you and yours,
Nanc ():-)

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