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Suzy, I am sure the people in the forum do not feel you are intruding.  That 
is what they are all here full.  It is a wonderful forum that I am just now 
becoming familiar with.
However, my mother was diagonosed with MM last August.  It is true that a 
high protien count is a syptom.  But I am not sure on the enlarged stomach.  
My mother had a lot of bone pain and also the key factor was anemia.  She had 
never been anemic before and within 4weeks she became severley anemic.  MM is 
a cancer of the bone marrow and the only real way to detect it is ofcourse a 
bone marrow test. I will keep your mother in law in my thoughts. hope the 
bone marrow test goes well and please feel free to contact me with any other 
questions.  Believe me I have been through it all will mm. Best wishes 
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