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Re: [MOL] We need some prayers for Tommy/ back to Lillian

My dear Lillian,

You have been a true friend and an angel through all of this.  Your 
brother-in-law's insensitive remarks just show he has not taken the 
opportunity to learn much from what this journey can teach us.  Please, 
please, dismiss his comments like you would a thoughtless child's.  He 
obviously doesn't know much about you nor the steel that is in the core of 
you and the strength that you lend so freely to others.  Your health is more 
important than your bro-in-lo's surface attitude regarding your medical 
condition.  And I would say weight comes in last in any consideration on any 
of this unless your doc is telling you otherwise.  Which he/she is NOT!

With Tommy, if I understand it correctly, the main tests they do are to 
determine if there is leukemia in his blood/bone marrow.  We know he had the 
leukemic masses on his spine when his blood and bone marrow tests said he was 
in remission.  Even though by the time they got him to Stanford for the 
radiation to treat those masses they'd disapeared (just one of the miracles), 
they still considered him in remission while he had the masses.  This is the 
hope we have for him regarding the fungus/leukemia in his liver/spleen area.  
That they are actually leukemic masses that will respond to the chemo.  They 
cannot risk cutting him open to decide what it is.  That is more risky for 
him at this time than treating the two potential conditions simultaneously.

Once he's back in remission they will definitely schedule the transplant.  
Because he relapsed, the odds are a little grimmer now, but thanks to all the 
posts on "Stats" on the MOL forum, he and I were able to have a really good 
talk about that today.  Even if your odds are only 5%, who's to say he isn't 
in the 5%?  It's just numbers.  A person isn't 5% alive.  They are 100% alive 
or 100% not.  He is definitely 100% alive and wanting to stay that way!

I am doing ok.  I couldn't post this for a couple of days.  Had to give 
myself a chance to settle down and listen to what I had to begin to learn 
about this new lap on the roller coaster.  But I do know that worrying seems 
to make absolutely no difference (although it always takes me a little while 
to remember that), but praying does make a difference.  So that's where I'll 
focus.  Praying for Tommy and the all the others I know to pray for.  

Love you bunches Lillian,   Kathy

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