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Re: [MOL] We need some prayers for Tommy

Dear Friend:  Checking in and up on you.  Read your message over the forum and you know I have been praying.  Since they have started Tommy back on the chemo, does this mean they just may still go for the transplant?  Do you really feel he was truly in remission?  I have heard from several people that right after chemo or radiation that the testing for the particular cancer goes way down.  Just a thought.
Are you holding up okay?  I know you have to be walking on egg shells.  Could I have your phone number again?
I was having a very nice day and then someone told me that my brother-in-law had been talking about me.  That he said I just gave up, that if I were to loose weight, I would get my confidence back and go back to work.  Needless to say an addison/cushings person has nothing to fight stress with; so I went into a panic attack and cried my heart out.  It just cut me to the core as I never gave up, I fought like hell to stay alive and there is no way I could go back to work, I am in pain everyday.  I take 22 pills a day to stay alive. Sure, I am a different person; but part of me is better than the old Lillian, or is that the Zoloft, lol???? My doctor has a hissy every time I mention the weight, he keeps asking me if I think that is all weight gain?  Then he says "I am trying to keep you alive and your worried about your weight?"  So am I missing something here?
By tomorrow I will have to say "OH well" and simply dismiss this issue.  If I don't my sugar will go sky high and my addison's/cushings and it will take everything not to crash.  You know Kathy, he really had a hell of a nerve.  Most people with addisons crash a couple times of year (end up in the hospital), I have not once had to return to the hospital in four year's.  I think that tells me that my meds are right and that I work hard at taking care of me.
Do I sound just a wee bit pissed off?  Gzzzz, I am praying very hard that Tommy's wonderful attitude is going to pull him through.  Love you Kathy, lillian