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[MOL] We need some prayers for Tommy

Hello fellow MOLERS,

Tommy has relapsed.  For those of you who are new, Tommy was diagnosed with 
Acute Myeloid Leukemia in Sept. 99.  He went through aggressive chemo at that 
time and the BMT registry began looking for a donor.  Although it appeared he 
was not in remission when he left the hospital in late November, within a few 
weeks tests showed he was.  We rejoiced!  They hustled to do a consolidation 
round of Chemo in December and began the prep for the BMT, scheduled for 
early March.  They found a 100% match!  Just as he was being admitted to 
Stanford Med. Center for the BMT, they discovered a fungus infection.  They 
had to treat that first.  They could not risk compromising his immune system 
while the fungus infection was active.

He has been on ambizome for about 4 weeks and although there was an initial 
improvement when he began the med, over the past 3 weeks there has been no 
improvement.  When he went for blood tests on Friday, his blast was back up 
to 20% (norm is 1-2%).  The leukemia is on the march again.  The oncs were 
very nervous about the time between the consolidation chemo and the BMT.  
Every day that passed increased the risk of relapse. 

Here is the dilemma.  If he does still have a fungus infection, the chemo 
will disable his immune system and the fungus infection may take over.  If 
they don't give him chemo the leukemia will take over.  They are now hoping 
that they misdiagnosed the fungus infection and that it was actually a 
leukemic mass.  It's a funny thing that we are all hoping it is leukemia 
rather than the infection...  The roller coaster ride continues.

He is back on a stronger dose of ARA C (they can only administer it twice a 
day rather than 24X7), Idarubicin, and towards the end of this week he will 
be getting VP16 he thinks.  Just in case it is a fungus infection, they are 
continuing the ambizome, plus 2-3 antibiotics.  It's like they're throwing 
everything at him hoping the combo will fight what's there and what could be 
there.  This next week will be critical.  While they take his immune system 
down with the chemo, we will find out if he really had a fungus infection.

If you have time, please pray for him and ask anyone you know to pray for 
him.  I cannot tell you how many times since this all began we have seen 
miracle after miracle occur with him.  His attitude is still very positive 
and he plans to stick around for a good long time.

I find so much solace and support with this group.  Thank you again for all 
the support you've given to me and my family and all the others who are lucky 
enough to find this forum.

By the way... I also wrote a note to GBuckStop and forwarded several of the 
MOLLER replies to his second post to him.  I'm also on AOL and noticed that 
he hasn't read the mail yet (we can check on that between aol members).  I 
just wanted to let you all know that his silence may be due to not reading 
mail yet, rather than not responding to those who have sent it.

Love to all,

Kathy Q
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