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Re: [MOL] adeno carcinoma (metastesized)/Reply!

Welcome to our wonderful forum, know that we are here for you and will help in any way we can by giving you links and medical articles.  Please know that we are not in the medical profession; but do have combined year's of expierence with the dragon cancer.  You will be walking among friends, who understand this journey and will support you in any way possible.  I would suggest you get a 3rd onc., it is so important that your father gets the very most up to date and best care and that he has confidence that the doctor is going to do what is best for him and speaks to him in lay terms.  I would further suggest that you go to our album; there are many resources in there from how to talk to your doctor, questions to ask about your treatment, cancer centers,  cancer resources and much more.
I am including for you some excellent URL'S to help you in your quest.  I  would suggest that when you are at the NCI site that you check into trials for your father.  First read about trials so you will understand the 4 phases completely.
I am also including alternative sites for you to explore.  I realize that your father's cancer is serious and implore you not to jump at anything that promises a cure all for a host of diseases.
If we may be of further help please just ask.  Your friend, lillian

National Cancer Institute

Univ of Penn

Cancer Notes on the Net

Medicine On Line

MD Anderson

Mem. Sloan-Kettering


           International Bibliographic Information on Dietary
           Supplements (IBIDS) Database (Office of Dietary
               Searchable database of published, scientific literature on
               dietary supplements, vitamins, minerals, and botanicals.  IBIDS
               contains over 300,000 citations and abstracts.  Developed to
               assist the public, health care providers, and researchers in
               locating credible, scientific literature on dietary supplements.
           NIH National Center for Complementary and Alternative
          Medicine (NCCAM)
               Conducts and supports research and training; disseminates
               information on complementary and alternative medicine to
               practitioners and the public.   NCCAM resources include the
               CAM Citation Index (searchable & browsable database of more
               than 180,000 citations from 1996-1998 extracted from MEDLINE);
               and the NCAAM Clearinghouse (contains information on NCCAM
               programs, conferences, and research activities).

           Stephen Barrett, MD
               Guide to health fraud and "quackery."  Of particular note is the
               section entitled, "Special Message for Cancer Patients Seeking
               'Alternative' Treatments.   

           University of Texas Center for Alternative Medicine Research
           in Cancer (UT-CAM)
               Investigates the effectiveness of alternative and complementary
               therapies used for cancer prevention and control.  Website
               contains evaluative information on various therapies, including
               herbal & plant therapies (e.g., essiac), biologic & organic
               therapies (e.g., cartilage), chemical & pharmacologic therapies
               (e.g, antineoplastons, hydrazine sulfate) as well as special
               regimes & integrated systems (e.g., Gerson, macrobiotics).
               One of eleven centers established by the National Center for
               Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM) at the
               National Institutes of Health (NIH).

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     achbull1.gif (883 bytes)  ARTICLES OF INTEREST

           Considering Complimentary and Alternative Therapies? (NCCAM)
Brief guide to considering complementary and alternative
               therapies.   Discusses how to assess the safety and effectiveness
               of the therapy; how to examine a practitioner's expertise; and how
               to evaluate the service delivery.  Addresses the issue of cost and
               the issue of how to consult with your health care provider about
               alternative treatments and therapies.

           "Questions and Answers About Complementary and Alternative
           Medicine in Cancer Treatment" (NIH Cancer Facts)
Answers questions and provides resources for learning more about
               complementary and alternative therapies.

           Anesthesiologists Warn: If You're Taking Herbal Products,
           Tell Your Doctor Before Surgery (American Society of

               ASA Press Release cautions those who use herbal medications
               that these "natural" products could pose a serious health risk if
               taken prior to surgery.

           Shark Cartilage Deemed Ineffective for Cancer Treatment
           (American Society for Clinical Oncologists)
                Summary, be Patricia A. Ganz, MD, of a study published in the
                November 1999 edition of the Journal of Clinical Oncology that
                details the results of shark cartilage research.  The author of the
                study, Denis Miller, MD, is quoted as saying "It [shark cartilage]
                doesn't work."

We invite you to take a look at our Album.                                      
  ( Very informational, good tips, Molers pictures, art work and much more....
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> My father recently had a large tumor (size of your fist) removed from
> his sigmoid colon.  The cancer had spread to 4 of the six nodes in the
> abdominal region.  Also two spots were found on his liver the size of a
> quarter.  Numerous polyps were also found in the abdominal region.
> I would appreciate any information - experiential as well as treatment
> options.  Any success stories out there?  My family has endured two
> oncologists who haven't read his chart as well as lacking communication
> skills and options available.  We are open to scientific data as well as
> alternative methods.  We appreciate your help in this challenging time.
> Thank you,
> Brian and Lynn Kirk
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