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[MOL] Dealing with stats

Hello all,

After my wife was diagnosed with stage IV NSCLC last month, I began
reading anything and everything on the subject.  This includes the
mortality statistics.

The cancer has metastasized to a limited extent (it's in one spot on the

chest wall, mediastinum, and the stub of the lower left lobe,which had
to be removed anyway due to a hematoma).  Many of the reports list 1, 3,

and 5 year survival statistics which are rather grim.

My wife started chemo last week, with gemcitabine and cisplatin.  Aredia

(which prevents bone readsorption) and thalidomide will also be
administered, with radiation if needed.

Given her age (39) and that she's never smoked, we're hopeful that the
therapy will be successful.  When I read the stats, though, I can't help

but get depressed by what I see, even though I realize that these stats
could be several years old, and probably don't take into account the
latest drug combinations and therapies.

How do others deal with this?

Mark Levy

P.S. Please copy the group if you reply to me via e-mail so others may
be helped as well.

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