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Re: [MOL] When Are You Too Old?

Thanks John!  I wondered what that meant.  I'm from a Catholic background 
myself.  One of my brothers went through seminary but didn't stay.  Another 
one of my sisters is in the convent and another one left the convent right 
before taking final vows.  I have very fond memories too of that church, but 
have gone far beyond that, much to my parents chagrin.  About 6 years after I 
left the church, my dad came to me and told me that he was hurt when I left 
the church, but realized that I and my husband (Larry) had , in his opinion, 
more faith in our little fingers than the rest of the family had completely 
combined.  I thank God he realized that I didn't have to be Catholic to be 
    I do tend to go on.  Sorry about that. 
Luv ya,
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