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Dear Marlene:  I have been on this forum for two and a half years now myself, 
and I have many new brothers and sisters.  Carla and I became quite close 
during some unpleasant situations, and Chris and I are soulmates.  Lillian 
and Nancy are my two moms, although they are both about my age!  LOL  John 
and Marty are my good buddies, and what can I say?  All these people are my 
friends, and I suffer emotionally when I'm cut off from them in any way.  
Then there's my Martha.  She hasn't been online for awhile, but Martha is 
truly special.  When I was in the hospital last June right after my bypass 
surgery, she call the CCU and pretended to be my sister -- with a New York 
accent!  I loved it!  My friend Cori sent a card and flowers, Martha sent 
flowers, and Nancy called.  Others expressed their concern, and my family 
here was absolutely amazed!  I hope I'm not forgetting anyone, but these 
people have come to mean so much to me, it's difficult to express.  We are 
all brothers and sisters in this journey, and God is smiling down on us.  He 
has given us this gift.

Love, Kathy in Boise
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