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Re: [MOL] Keith

Dear Keith:  I am a SCLC survivor -- over two years now.  There are only two 
stages of SCLC -- limited and extensive -- and it is, indeed, a very 
aggressive form of cancer, but do yourself and your father a favor.  Do not 
tell him the prognosis is grave -- PLEASE!  It can be controlled by chemo and 
radiation.  Although the treatment is usually very aggressive and rough on 
the patient, it can work.  I am living proof of that!  I may have already 
told you, but I was admitted into a protocol and given various combinations 
of chemotherapy.  I think the most important and beneficial may have been the 
VP-16, although I was also on Cisplatin, Carboplatin, Taxol, and Taxotere.  
If your father is in fairly good health generally, he can fight this!

Good luck -- Kathy in Boise
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