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Re: [MOL] Update Nanc & Don ????/Dusti

Title: RE: [MOL] Update Nanc & Don ????
Thank you Dusti,
You are a sweetheart too.
Doesn't look to good for my Don, but for now we will enjoy what time we have.
I am taking care of myself, I know I have to or who would be here for Mom &
Don.  I do have help with to two of them, but still is much to do that I have to
do.  I guess I am still needed, LOL.
You take care.
Love you,
Nanc ():-)
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That is terrific.  I am very happy for you that you have such an optimistic outlook.  Your love for Don is very obvious from you posts and I think thats wonderful.  Mom has tried to get me to learn cribbage forever, it looks complicated.  I stick to crazy eight.  Glad to hear your sweetheart is at home.

Dusti Barham
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