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[MOL] colon cancer

Hello everybody!

My name is Nicoleta Iacob,I am from Europe, Romania,
Timisoara and my father has been diagnosed with colon
cancer last summer.

He has been operated and the doctors took out about
1,2 m of colon (thin 80, thick 40). My father has been
operated for hernia in November, and last month he has
been operated again, because another tumour has
appeared, and he couldn't go to the toilet anymore,
because the tumour was obstructing the colon. 

My father doesn't know of what disease he suffers, we
are affraid to tell him because we fear that he could
loose hope and give up. 

I am from Romania, Timisoara. He hasn't done any
treatment like chemotherapy or radiotherapy.
We kinda have two options and don't know which one to
choose, maybe you can help us. The options are:

to tell him to make that treatment, then he would
realise of what disease he's suffering, which could
cause some psyhological damage (loosing hope...), but
maybe the treatment would help

or not telling him this, meaning that he won'tdo the

does that treatment really help, or is it too late for
him? last summer the stage was 3B.

is it worth telling him, or doesn't it help that much?
please write back, we are also opened to new
we also try all kinds of teas and stuff like that,
they seem to ease his pain, but not for long...

Thank you in advance for your support.

by the way I think it's great what you are doing!


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