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[MOL] What should the PSA be for prostate cancer after radiation therapy?????

PSA After Radiation Therapy:

How Low?

    Radiation therapy as a treatment for prostate cancer is becoming more widely used. Up to one-third of all patients with prostate cancer are now treated with radiation therapy, rather than radical pro state surgery. Many types of radiation therapy are now available, and the best method is not yet determined. What also remains unclear is how low the PSA tests after radiation therapy should go to constit ute a treatment success.
    In a new study by Frank Critz, from the Dekalb Medical Center of Atlanta, Georgia, the PSA values were followed in 536 men with prostate cancer were treated with radioactive iodine implants followed by conventional external x-ray radiation. In the men who achieved a lowest PSA level below 0.5 had a 95% 5-year survival and a 84% 10-year survival, compared to only 29% 5-year survival in men whose PSA remained above 0.5. He concluded that for radiation therapy to be successful the P SA level must become below 0.5, meaning that all malignant prostate tissue in the body is removed.
    This study confirms the value of PSA tests following radiation therapy for prostate cancer, but suggests it must be monitored closely.

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