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Re: [MOL] Keith

In a message dated 04/13/2000 12:27:38 PM Eastern Daylight Time, writes:> All we know so far is that it is squamus cell 
carcinoma in the lung and that > it is inoperable.  Our hope (and the 
Doctor's) is that if there is no > metastisis we can undergoe chemotherapy to 
hopefully reduce the size of the > mass and then do a ressection.

My father had a large tumor (same type of cancer) in the left lung that had 
spread to the right. The smaller newer growths were removed, but the large 
(primary) had to be shrunk with chemo: taxotere w/ carboplatin. The chemo 
didn't arrest the cancer entirely so he had follow-up radiation for 6 wks.  

He had a bronchoscopy before the surgery which took away his voice for 
several months, but it returned LOUD and clear - sufficiently enough to 
scream at his family when the chemo/steroids made his anxiety level go 
through the roof.

The surgeon discovered the additional cancer when he planned to remove the 
larger tumor (walnut sized) and instead did the smaller growths.  He told us 
at that time, "...if you MUST get cancer, this is one kind to get." He 
explained that it is a slower-growing type of cancer and not so aggressive as 
some others.

I won't kid you, Keith, chemo was hell - for my father and for the family.  
We thought many times during that period that we would lose my Dad, but he is 
still here and living life HIS way.  Radiation was considerably easier for 
him and for us.  If you are a student, I gather your father is much younger 
than my Dad (77 yrs old soon) so that is also in his favor to give him 
strength in the fight. 

Currently he is on thalidomide and according to latest tests, is cancer-free. 
 I believe that good medical care (I second Dusti's suggestion to get a 
"second opinion" - even a third), good support for your father and for YOU 
(you will find that *here*), and lots of love with all the prayer, hope, and 
faith you can muster are necessary weapons to arm yourself with.  God bless. 
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