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Title: Keith
Dear Keith:  There is an old saying "a little bit of knowledge can be dangerous"!!!  Being in Veterinary School is wonderful; yet placing a dark shadow over your head when it pertains to your father.  In no way am I implying that your father's cancer is not serious; but you have to allow for something that is most important and that is HOPE!
More people are living with cancer than dying, everyday there is another therapy being discovered, the death rate of cancer has steadily declined over the last ten year's.  If your father has a 30% chance of survival, then why can't he be one of the 30, rather than one of the 70%?  I am including some very good sites for you.  I would suggest that you go to the nci site and go to pdq, this will give you the most information regarding your fathers cancer.  Meanwhile, allow me to welcome you to our wonderful forum.  Please know that this is your forum also and we are here to help in anyway possible.  Your friend, lillian
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From: Keith Cloward
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Hi.  Thanks for emailing.  We don't know what stage the lung cancer is at yet.  Tests for metastisis will be this Tuesday.  All we know so far is that it is squamus cell carcinoma in the lung and that it is inoperable.  Our hope (and the Doctor's) is that if there is no metastisis we can undergoe chemotherapy to hopefully reduce the size of the mass and then do a ressection.  I am a veterinary student and my experience with SCC is that it is very aggressive and locally invasive and carries a grave prognosis.  I don't have the heart to tell my dad any of that. 
    Does anyone have advice about how to decide what protocols to choose and what alternative medicine to consider if any.  We are really feeling overwhelmed at this point and there is so much information out there it is impossible to sort through it all.  I hope this message finds you all well.  Sincerely, Keith
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From: Barham, Dusti # IHTUL
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Welcome to our forum Keith.  It is comprised both of people diagnosed w/ cancer and people caring for loved ones with cancer.  While I don't have any medical information for you at this time, I wanted to just welcome you and let you know that you have found a remarkable place in which both information & support are offered (and plenty of opinions!)  I'm sure this is an emotional time for you & your family, we understand.  Feel free to jump in any time.  Some of our people w/ different types of lung cancer will hopefully come forward w/ some info for you.  What stage is your Father's cancer?  What kind of treatment was prescribed?  How is he taking all of this?