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[MOL] Maybe?

Hello-I entered "myleofibrosis" as my search word and got a copy of your 
email to the wife of a man with myleofibrosis. So..I am taking the chance 
that I am writing to someone with information on this disease. My dad 
suffered from this for over four years before dying in 1986 at the age of 76. 
He was employed by the US Gov't in the radioactivity lab of the National 
Bureau of Standards in Washington DC from 1931 until May of 1948. He handled 
radium, uranium and plutonium. The safety measures taken were to wear gloves 
and later use forceps.  The big news in the State of Washington this week is 
conpensation for victims of deseases caused by exposure to radioactive 
materials. It is my firm belief that Daddy's illness was a direct result of 
this exposure and I feel my mom should be included in this settlement. Do you 
have any information that would support my belief or can you direct me to a 
source for such help? Any information you could send would be most 
appreciated! Sincerely, Ginny Bond, GJJMB1972@aol.com
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