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[MOL] From Andy's family

Dear Lillian and the rest of his friends with this support group:

We wish to extend our sincerest thanks for all you've done for Andy and for
all of the letters, well wishes, prayers and condolences after he died on the

The funeral was held yesterday and was a beautiful farewell to Andy.  A lot of
his friends came and I know he would have been honored by knowing so many
people cared about him, especially the ones who helped him these past few
months.  He was always a very easy-going, free spirit and when he knew he had
cancer it hit him very hard, so thank you for guiding him and being there when
he needed it most.  

This has been a very difficult time for us and I apologize for not answering
any of the letters that came for him.  We're all in shock, we never expected
the cancer to progress so quickly and be so devastating.  For those who don't
know, Andy died of pneumonia, not technically the cancer.  He was having
problems with anemia and his immune system was very weak due to the
chemotherapy he'd been having and he couldn't fight off the infection.  He
probably would have been able to resume treatment if they could have treated
the infecton, so we're really devasteated.  None of us were prepared for it
and I know Andy wasn't.  It's just a total shock to have him leave us and I
don't know when we'll be able to put the pieces back.  

Andy was an artist and in a few weeks I hope to make some sort of memorial
site for him with his artwork.  I'll try to contact you when this is

I'm going to leave Andy's email account open for a few more weeks also, so if
anyone needs to contact me you can do so here or else at
JckMcBrid@netscape.net    I know there were people he was communicating with
and I don't want anyone to be left without being able to talk about it with
us.  We're here for you, too, since you did so much for Andy.  

I can't thank you enough for the letters and prayers while he was sick.  Thank
you so much.  God Bless, Jackie

"Lillian" <firefly@islc.net> wrote:
> Jackie:  Our prayers reach out for you and  our dear Andy's family.  I have
> placed it over the forum with Andy's e-mail address.  Their messages may be
> something you may want to save; for you will feel how much he was loved by
> this forum.  Thank you dear one, for taking the time to let me know and
> peace be with you.  Love, lillian
> We invite you to take a look at our Album.
> www.angelfire.com/sc/molangels/index.html
>   ( Very informational, good tips, Molers pictures, art work and much
> more....
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> From: Andrew McBride <AndyMcBri@netscape.net>
> To: <firefly@islc.net>
> Sent: Monday, April 10, 2000 6:38 AM
> Subject: Andy
> > Dear Lillian,
> >
> > I wanted you to know Andy passed away at a few mins after 3 this morning
> > (4/10).  it was pneumonia and some other problems and yesterday was an
> day
> > struggle for him to breathe.  my parents, me and my fiance didnt leave
> > side the whole day and the last few hours were quiet and peaceful.
> >
> > this is all i can write now, i have to call some more friends of his.  i
> just
> > got off the phone with his very best friend.  it was extremely difficult.
> >
> > thanks for being such a wonderful support for him.  i'm sure, based on
> > letters that have come for him, he knew he was cared about and that you
> helped
> > him with his cancer.
> > take care and god bless, Jackie
> >
> > ~Andy
> >
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