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Hi Ray!  My husband just had the seed implants not long ago and we feel it was very successful.  His only side effects was constipation and he is still on a medication to keep the bladder emptied.  Here are some links to help you out. I just read that the seed implants are as effective and give the same survival rate as a prostectomy.  Good luck now.  Your friend, lillian
1 Non-Surgical Treatment of Prostate Cancer through Seed Implants | Dr. Stephen W. Doggett
Radioactive Seed Implant Before, During and After Radioactive Seed Implants, also known as Internal Radiation Therapy, is a less invasive treatment for prostate cancer than radical prostatectomy. Tiny radioactive pellets about the size of a piece of rice

2 SeedPods -- brachytherapy (seed implants) for prostate cancer
A mailing list offering information and support to those interested in brachytherapy for prostate cancer For the newly diagnosed, a "must read" New England Journal of Medicine editorial entitled Prostate Cancer -- The Therapeutic Challenge of Locally

3 Prostate cancer HDR temporary brachytherapy versus permanent seed implants HomeThe Brachytherapy TeamHow to Contact UsProstate Cancer Overview of Prostate Brachytherapy HDR vs Seeds Implant Techniques Results Hormone Therapy HDR Monotherapy HDR for Salvage Diet for PCa Choosing a Treatment Partin Tables HDR

4 prostate cancer treatments, certified physicians performing seed implants, radiation therapy, brachytherapy, Iridium-125.
Serving the San Fernando Valley and surrounding area for 26 years. Specialists in prostate cancer treatment offering all modalities of treatment for prostate cancer including permanent seed implant and temporary high dose rate technology ("smart bomb

5 Seed Implants --Yale prostate cancer study shows Palladium-103 Better Iodine-125, fewer side-effects
COVER : Medical Pike Latest : Headline Index Yale Prostate Cancer Seeding Study Shows Palladium-103 Superior to Older Therapy Fewer side-effects, could lead to better treatment outcomes 29-Oct-99 New Haven, Conn. -- A Yale study of complication rates from

6 Prostate Seed Implants
BACK | Home | Staff & Services | Locations | Contact PROSTATE SEED IMPLANTSProstate Seed Implant (PSI) places radiation into the heart of prostate cancer By Li-Fen Lien Chang MD, PhD Prostate brachytherapy (prostate seed implant) is a highly effec- tive

7 Prostate Seed Implants- Saint Joseph's Hospital
Prostate Seed Implants- Saint Joseph's Hospital Air Date: September 28 - September 30, 1999 Anchor Introduction: Approximately 250,000 men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer this year - but as Nancy Christopher tells us in today's/tonight's Ministry

8 Irene Maher's Health Report - Prostate Study: Seed Implants
Prostate Study: Seed ImplantsThere are a handful of treatments for prostate cancer, but which one works best? A study in this week's Journal of the American Medical Association suggests radioactive seed implants, a popular therapy, might not be the best

9 Patient to Physician: Re: [p2p] CHB & prostate size vs Seed Implants
Re: [p2p] CHB & prostate size vs Seed Implants Tue, 9 Dec 1997 02:17:24 -0500 Messages sorted by: [ date ][ thread ][ subject ][ author ] Next message: "Re: [p2p] Urinary

10 Clinical Minutes - UVa Offers New Seed Implants for Localized Prostate Cancer
UVa Offers New Seed Implants for Localized Prostate Cancer UVa Health System is introducing a new approach in the use of radiation therapy to treat prostate cancer. Prostate cancer remains the most common cancer in men and the second-leading cause of death

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Looking for info on the seeds treatment and how it,s done etc. Ray