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Re: [MOL] Chris

In a message dated 04/12/2000 4:21:48 PM Eastern Daylight Time, writes:

>  I'm still confused which one you are in the picture.  Either way, your Dad
>  is a lucky man to have such a devoted daughter.  Especially since you are
>  having to go through so much just to see how he is doing.  That would drive
>  me insane, how do you have patience like that?  I guess you do when you
>  don't have a choice.  >  Regards,>  Dusti

Hi Dusti.  I'm the one with dark hair; my sister has blonde hair.
It DOES drive me insane, Dusti - just can't let him know that. I use MOL to 
tie up all the unravelled ends! :)   I don't have patience either (ask anyone 
who knows me) - but somehow it seems God gives you whatever abilities you 
need at the time you need them. That's the only way I can account for it.  My 
father won't share info or feelings about his situation and my stepmother 
gets everything confused. Most of the time she dismisses his problems 
entirely and retells me the whole history of her heart & liver problems - 
over, and over, and over, and over again...  I have to keep gently prodding 
her back to my questions about my Dad.  It does get maddening, but I try to 
keep in mind that all these hours, days, and months have been and are 
precious.  One day there won't be any more time for one reason or another and 
then I will be able to look back and know I did my best and offered my best.  
It's a mistake I made with my (natural) mother and this time I'm doing it 
right (at least I hope so).
Thanks for your nice words of encouragement - it's greatly appreciated. -Chris
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