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[MOL] Re: Mom with Polycythemia

My Mom was diagnosed 16 years ago with Polycythemia...She never asked what it was, how she got  it or cared to ever know.
Just recently the disease has progressed from giving blood to now having to receive transfusions.  My Mom thinks her Oncologist is just a special blood Doctor.  I now have had to get involved because she had taken too much Hydraxea... per Doc's order. With my reading I am to say the least surprised. My Mom never shared that she was concerned about this blood disorder so I did not have any reason to be concerned. Now that I know of course I worry...She still does not want to know what she has, knowing my Mom I understand... I am having a problem with phone calls from my relatives who are saying " Oh, ask the Doc to try this I hear it works well and oh I hear their is a new drug out there that's not available in Canada but ask him if your Mom can get some?"
My Mom is 73, I am wrong in thinking that this disease is running it's course and that there probably is not much to do now but keep her comfortable.  She is not at the point where she is bed ridden or anything but I see a huge difference from the 1st transfusion. Any info you can give me would be helful.
Annette        lavifamiy@hotmail.com