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[MOL] pancreatic cancer

Hello,  My name is Cathy.  My Father has Pancreatic Cancer.  After chemo has 
failed, the doctors are starting him on the Thalidamide treatments.  He will 
start them soon.  Until then, we have kept him with us, i'm sure through 
prayers and the use of Micro Water  plus, and a pill called IP6.  It's been 
months without chemo and he is still with us, after the doctors had  
predicted him dead and in the ground a month after chemo stopped.  I'm hoping 
that we don't have to stop our  Micro Water and IP6 method once we start the 
Thalidamide treatment.  I can't imagine why either the water or the pill 
could interrupt the effectiveness of the Thalidamide, since they are both 
natural substances.   You might want to read up on the two.  If you have any 
helpful information on Thalidamide, please send me a line 
at.....AHende1330@aol.com     I'll be  waiting to hear something to help me 
keep a positive attitude.  My Father , who was suppose to be gone, according, 
to the doctors, went shopping and out to eat with my mother yesterday.   So, 
I'm not at all ready to give up.  I forgot to mention that his cancer spread 
to the liver and abdomen months ago, so operating is out  of the question.  
We truely believe that the water and IP6 has helped, and are hoping that the 
Thalidamide will help too.          
Thank you for your time
Cathy Henderson
418 Haymond Street
Fairmont WV
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