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Re: [MOL] Alternative Medicine What's Hot-Zoloft Wrong Drug for Panic/REPLY TO MARTY/Zoloft

Dear Lil,

Thank you for this reply. So good to know that there are differences of
professional opinion from the medical world, even though in light of
this it becomes overwhelmingly  confusing. I guess the key is that each
one of us must research and learn what is  best for us. I think you do
that very well. As for the vitamin C debate, we have slacked off as we
learned more about the concerns of acidity in those with cancer and that
abscorbic acid and cancer acidity do not go together. So we have slacked
off on the vitamin C, but not entirely. As for the debate on that, like
any other it becomes confusing, dont you think?

God Bless YOu and thank you again.

> Lillian wrote:
> Marty, thanks so much for this article.  I have been on Zoloft for
> almost four year's now for panic anxiety.  I hope to see what
> conventional medicine will be saying about the drug; as I have had
> very good results from Zoloft.  No side effects either.  After I was
> hospitalized for the adrenal crisis, I could not even go into a room
> with people without breaking down in panic and what a scene that is.
> I often think back on how people would move away from me as I gasped
> for air and sobbed like a elephant.  It finally became funny to watch
> the people around me!  With adrenal crisis we have no mechanism to
> handle stress.  Besides the Zoloft; which I swear on, I have learned
> for the most part on how to tune out stress and if I am some where and
> it gets the least bit stressful, boy do I take a flight!  I can even
> cry normally now!  LOL!  I hope that there will be more information
> out regarding this drug; as I have found it to be contrary to the
> article.  It is good to have articles for comparison sake; so I was
> most happy to see that you posted it.  Often Zoloft is prescribed for
> people right after a crisis, surgery; etc.  Will this replace our Vit.
> C debate that continues in the news?  Be nice to have a change of
> subject.  Love ya, lillian
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