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Re: [MOL] Alternative Medicine What's Hot-Zoloft Wrong Drug for Panic/REPLY TO MARTY/Zoloft

Title: Alternative Medicine What's Hot
Marty, thanks so much for this article.  I have been on Zoloft for almost four year's now for panic anxiety.  I hope to see what conventional medicine will be saying about the drug; as I have had very good results from Zoloft.  No side effects either.  After I was hospitalized for the adrenal crisis, I could not even go into a room with people without breaking down in panic and what a scene that is.  I often think back on how people would move away from me as I gasped for air and sobbed like a elephant.  It finally became funny to watch the people around me!  With adrenal crisis we have no mechanism to handle stress.  Besides the Zoloft; which I swear on, I have learned for the most part on how to tune out stress and if I am some where and it gets the least bit stressful, boy do I take a flight!  I can even cry normally now!  LOL!  I hope that there will be more information out regarding this drug; as I have found it to be contrary to the article.  It is good to have articles for comparison sake; so I was most happy to see that you posted it.  Often Zoloft is prescribed for people right after a crisis, surgery; etc.  Will this replace our Vit. C debate that continues in the news?  Be nice to have a change of subject.  Love ya, lillian