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[MOL] Alternative Medicine What's Hot-CoEnZyme Q10

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Title: Alternative Medicine What's Hot


Fuel in the Fight Against Cancer

Coenzyme Q10 , known as a healthy heart supplement, is also demonstrating potent anti-cancer properties

Coenzyme Q10, which is found in all your cells, provides energy--especially to the heart muscle. That is why it has become a vital treatment for heart health in recent years. But now a new series of studies are turning up some even more exciting news. CoQ10 may be able to halt cancer.

Dr. William Campbell Douglass reports research findings and case histories in his newsletter Second Opinion that show a correlation between CoQ10 and breast cancer. Low levels of CoQ10 were found in women with breast cancer Increased levels were associated with regression and remission.

Among the studies, Dr. Karl Folkers of the University of Texas, Austin reports regression of breast cancer, not only at the original site, but even of cancer that had spread (metastasized) to the liver—usually a sign of terminal illness. How were these results achieved? With supplements of CoQ10.

Moreover, unlike conventional treatment, CoQ10 is completely non-toxic and it stimulates the immune system, rather than depressing it. In several studies, CoQ10 worked wonders with patients who had chosen to take chemotherapy, reducing the toxicity of such treatment. In one study, patients who were given CoQ10 had little or no toxicity, even though they were given much larger doses of the toxic chemotherapy agent than were given to the control group. This inverse correlation is significant.

Dr. Douglass points out that CoQ10 dissolves in fat and that it is therefore most absorbable in either a special wafer form (to which some oil has been added) or taken with a tablespoon of olive oil. Burton Goldberg recommends coconut oil.

Since CoQ10 has many health benefits, a minimum dose of 50mg daily is appropriate for prevention of degenerative diseases, for improved energy, and for general health If you have cancer, you will want to increase that dosage dramatically—to 400-600mgs daily. But be sure to discuss large doses with your doctor.

CoQ10 is naturally manufactured by the body. However, two factors are significant. First, the amount declines with age. Second, the B vitamins niacin (B3), folic acid, and pyridoxine (B6) are required for the body to make this important nutrient. If you are not eating red meat, be sure that you are taking a good multivitamin and high doses of B complex.

For other natural approaches to the prevention and care of breast cancer, click on our search engine, and enter "breast cancer" as a key word.