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[MOL] Alternative Medicine What's Hot

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Title: Alternative Medicine What's Hot


Metastatic Breast Cancer Treatment

Traditional Tibetan medicine subject of study at the University of California Medical Center in San Francisco

Despite conventional western medicine's development of new drugs, surgeries, and radiation techniques, cancer is still on the rise. Now ancient healing techniques from "the roof of the world" meet contemporary western research efforts in clinical trials at the University of California in San Francisco (UCSF).

Dr. Yeshi Dhonden, Chief Medical Advisor of Menla and the personal physician to the Dalai Lama for twenty years, has been treating thousands of breast cancer patients in America, Europe, and India with higher success rates than for women treated with allopathic medicine alone. Traditional Tibetan medicine is non-invasive, both in detection and treatment.

Working one-on-one, Dr. Dhonden has been concerned only in the efficacy of his treatments and the well-being of his individual patients. No effort was made to quantify the overall results and compare it to a control group. This FDA-approved UCSF study is the first in the world to explore the safety and effectiveness of Tibetan Medicine and compare it with conventional techniques. The focus is on advanced metastatic breast cancer. This clinical trial is the collaborative effort of the Menla Tibetan Medical Institute and UCSF.

The Clinical Trial
The clinical trial is a two-year study at the Carl Franc Buck Breast Care Center at UCSF. Women with metastatic breast cancer may still apply to participate and receive all herbal formulas free of charge (there are eligibility requirements: see below). Dr. Dhonden will see each participant three times in the course of a year and prescribe individualized combinations of herbs. The study will measure tumor response (using CT scan and physical exam), time to disease progression, and quality of life of this population.

In addition to providing treatment for these advanced stage cancer patients, the study has the important tasks of collecting pilot information to explore attitudes and expectations about alternative and conventional medicine, and developing a methodology for testing other alternative forms of medicine so they can be compared to conventional therapies. By tracking cost, safety, and effectiveness of Tibetan medicine, it is hoped that the study will stimulate greater awareness of Tibetan medicine as an effective body of medicine, not only for cancer but also for other illnesses.

Dr. Dhonden has written two books about Tibetan medicine. The first, Health through Balance (Snow Lion, 1985) is based on a series of lectures he gave as visiting professor at the University of Virginia Medical School. The latest book, due out this spring--Healing from the Source: The Science and Lore of Tibetan Medicine, translated and edited by B. Alan Wallace, (Snow Lion, May 2000)--is an even more comprehensive and easy to understand presentation of Tibetan Medicine. Here he goes into greater detail about the Tibetan view of cancer.

To find out more about the clinical trial, including eligibility, see the UCSF website at http://cc.ucsf.edu/trials/987512.html or contact the study coordinator Erica Leemann at 415-885-7328.

Contact Snow Lion Publications at 607-254-6088 for other information, including a documentary on Tibetan Medicine to be aired on NBC Dateline this year.

For further information on Tibetan medicine consultations with Dr. Dhonden, visit the web site www.tibetanrefugeehealth.org, or contact Alternative Resources at 508-336-8787.

For a brief description of the principles of Tibetan Medicine and how it is used as an alternative cancer therapy, click here: Tibetan Medicine.

For information on other types of cancer and cancer therapies, go to the Alternative Medicine search engine and enter the name of the health condition or treatment protocol you are interested in as keywords.