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[MOL] healthy foods

Gad, Lil, you have busted my dream food, it lists a full description of
what is inside and I hate to read this stuff. Yes, it has 267 mg of
sodium and potassium 236 mg. So it is low. Iron 18% of daily allowance
as well. Good for us as we don't use meat but maybe not for others. We
used to use just the plain silken tofu which is only 44 mg (very low).
OK, but can't fool a brother-in-law.


The average person uses up to 4 to 6 GRAMS! Wow! We haven't tossed salt
on our food for years. I am pretty sure we don't use much ourselves as
we seldom use canned foods. If we do, it is organic canned and we drain
it before adding to the sauces. Thanks for reminding me.

Bathing suit - of course, I swim almost every day. Don't always go into
the men's room naked though! They should be so lucky! HeeHee

Thanks for the advice, taken!
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