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[MOL] Dad's Progress

To all:
My dad has his colon resected on monday, and although they were able to
re-attach him, the doctor confirmed that the liver matastases were too
large to be removed. The thing that pissed me off is that the surgeon
made a comment to my mother that he should be around "about a year"...
why do they do that?
Cancer picked the wrong family to screw with. Through the support of
this list, I've found out about embolozation therapy, and about
alternatives that may help. My mom just came unglued when the doctor
told her that, and unfortunately she's from the generation that lives by
"doctor knows best" rules. I need to find people like us who are
fighting colon cancer that has spread to the liver, and maybe give her
some feedback from others that are SURVIVING with us.
My thanks to all of you who have responded so far - I appreciate it more
that you could know.
Michael Freeland

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