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Re: [MOL] Marlene!

That is so true.  I don't begin to know what you've gone through.  I so 
admire your fight and courage.  You have a gift of encouragment which means 
so much to me and many more.  Thanks for being there.
    I had my first radiation therapy this morning.  It wasn't bad at all, 
just a little humiliating.  But you would certainly know about that.  Anyway, 
my cold is better and I'm on my way to healing.  Can't wait for the next 7 
weeks to be over.  I know I will never be completely rid of this as I must 
keep checking in with the doctors and the endless tests, but at least I can 
get on with the rest of my life.
    How's your husband?  I deleted so many messages when I got back online, 
that I really missed a lot.

Luv ya,

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