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[MOL] From Chris / an FYI

I'm forwarding an email to you all that you may/may not be interested in. 
It's an internet site that you can click every day to donate food via a 
special program.  I've been doing it for many months now and they sent me an 

---- Begin included message ----
The Feinstein petition to end hunger in America has reached 605,120
signers to date!  Tell everyone you know to sign online at:
www.feinsteinfoundation.com   We need every signature you can get!

NEW TO OUR SITE:  a link to the organization
http://www.freedonation.com  where you can click up to twenty times a
day to help defeat cancer, end hunger, house the homeless, promote
education, save the children, or stop AIDS.
Spread the word now about our site and theirs.

Big News!  Click on “Can One Person Change The World” at our site and
read about the Feinstein Good Deeds Chain – your opportunity to change
the world and earn grant awards too!  Don’t miss this!

Yes, we CAN make a difference!

---- End included message ----