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Re: RE: [MOL] Report on Tom

Dear John:
      It was nice talking with you the other day.  Tom has mets to both lungs 
and a talc poudrage treated pleural effusion so radiation and surgery were 
never options.  I don't know what we'll do about the bone mets yet.  For the 
time being our onc is going to use Aredia.  I guess he thinks the breathing 
problem is more serious than the bone mets.  What worries me is that the 
alternative doctor we see has him on this 12-ingredient program I described 
on the phone.   Two of the ingredients are 3 vials daily of frozen oral shark 
cartilege (supposedly equivalent to the AE941-Neovastat Phase III trial) and 
Vit D3 2,000 units to promote differentiation.  Both of these items are to be 
monitored carefully because they can promote hypercalcemia.  Aredia is to 
prevent hypercalcemia and bone mets.  It seems to be that the two might 
conflict and I am inclined to stop at least the D3 if not both. I have 
queried both doctors but don't expect a definitive reply somehow.  They seem 
to leave these decisions to me or say it can't hurt. Any thoughts about this? 
 Thanks for your support.  Will be in touch again soon.  All the best.  Bess
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