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Title: John/Pot
Amen to that Dusti...the tone is slowly changing as the legalization issue is gaining some momentum and researchers are beginning to voice there feelings that not enough is really known about the medicinal benefits of this herb.  I am beginning to see some movement by the NIH, in spite of threats and resistance by the DEA, to fund research in this area.  There is only one legal grower of marijuana for research purposes located in Virginia and a limited number of growers for commercial hemp and hemp oil.  When you stop to think of it, there really are many purported uses for this plant both commercial and medicinal.  Oh well, enough said about our "free" society.
God Bless.
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I have to agree with you.  It is interesting to me that alcohol is more pc.  It seems to me that alcohol is more destructive, causes violent behavior and so forth, yet they will put you in jail for growing a natural plant.  I'm no advocate for legalized drugs, but I do have common sense.  I remember seeing on TV a grandmother arrested for growing pot in her backyard to help her son (who had aids) have an appetite.  It made me sick.  I still don't understand why they are making a synthetic version of THC (active ingredient), seems like a waste of time although I realize they are trying to make a 'safer' version of any medical benefits.  Oh well, I'll get off my soapbox too.