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Dear Brother John:  My sentiments exactly!!!!  I won't go on, either, but I 
have had many more problems with unpleasant alcoholics in my life than 
mellow, zoned-out potheads!  LOL  My oncologist is convinced, too, that it 
does help alleviate nausea and makes food more appealing to a chemo patient.  
Lillian!  I knew a very sweet lady who was on the Opera Board with me many 
years ago.  She had a beautiful garden behind her house and her sneaky son 
had planted several pot plants in it.  She thought they were lovely and was 
especially proud of them.  None of us had the heart to tell her what they 
were.  In fact, I had a feeling that my male companion might sneak over by 
the light of the moon and harvest a few.  He didn't, though.  Love, Kathy
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