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Dusti, I know that feeling.  When my father's legs looked thinner than mine 
(last year) it broke my heart and frightened me to death!  Now he looks like 
his former self (except with long "hippie" hair now @ nearly 77 years!).  

When my neighbor's friend, Mark installed our fence 2 years ago, I was 
startled to learn that he had had cancer only 2 yrs before! This guy picked 
up *several* fence posts along with heavy tools, all at the same time and 
hauled them down the length of the yard.  (My neighbor and his son could each 
carry two with nothing else added on.)  He worked at least 11 hour days to 
get the job done in a weekend so he could finish before he had to be back at 
work Monday. At lunch he ate a steak, 2 baked potatoes and a large salad plus 

It wasn't until 2 months LATER I learned that Mark had weighed in at just 
over 85 pounds during the worst phase of his cancer journey.  You have to see 
this guy to believe it ! - he's about 6'2" tall and is built like a polar 
bear (horizonally and vertically).  He had some type of (advanced?) Hodgkins 
(not sure which type) and they said it was really touch and go for him for a 
long time.


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