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[MOL] Hormone users more likely to survive breast cancer

This is interesting....love, Joicy

Hormone users more likely to survive breast cancer
    [04/03/2000; Reuters News Service]

NEW YORK, Apr 03 (Reuters Health) -- Women on hormone replacement
therapy (HRT) have a slightly higher risk of developing breast
cancer, but if they do develop cancer, the breast tumors are
smaller and easier-to-treat at diagnosis, researchers report. This
appears to happen because women taking hormones get more frequent
mammograms, thus they are more likely to have their cancer diagnosed
early, according to study findings published in the April issue
of Obstetrics and Gynecology. ``It seems clear now that postmenopausal
women who take hormones will face a higher risk of breast cancer,
but that those women who do get breast cancer will do better,''
Dr. Paul Tartter told Reuters Health in an interview. The findings
may explain why women taking hormones after menopause are less
likely than nonusers to die of breast cancer, despite the higher
breast cancer risk associated with long-term hormone use. More
and more women are taking hormones, including estrogen and synthetic
progesterone, to reduce the risk of osteoporosis and heart disease
after menopause. 

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