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In a message dated 03/31/2000 10:32:59 PM Eastern Standard Time, 

> After the radiation they >  have decided to use Thaladimide.  Which leaves 
her with a 30% chance it will >  work. My mom's Doctor said the prognosis is 
very poor, and expected her not >  to last more than 6 months.  I looking for 
anyone or information on >  Thaladimide or who has used it before. >  Thanks, 

Kathy, my father is on thalidomide, but for a diff form of cancer - NSCLC. He 
had surgery, chemo and radiation first.  He seems to be doing rather well 
with it as there is presently no cancer in his lungs, but that was before the 
thalidomide.  He gets very tired easily and short-winded; we aren't sure how 
much is from the lung damage and what part could be from the thalidomide.  As 
for the doctors dismal outlook, don't let that shake your faith and hope.  My 
sister and I cried when we all met with his oncologist and privately said to 
each other, "She just wrote him off; she wrote his death sentence and he 
signed it!"  That was two years ago this October.
God bless you. -chris
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