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Re: [MOL] Date: Fri, 31 Mar 2000 20:36:47 -0800

Dear Lillian,  I am a new to this forum of people, However my mother (57) has 
had Multiple Myeloma since August. Went through four months of chemo and a 
stem cell trans. in January.  Unfortunately last week we were to it has 
returned and the worst it has gone into her blood. Which consequntly has left 
her with atleast 10 cancer spots on her spine and a 2 inch tumor on her lower 
spine which thyet began radiation on  right away.  After the radiation they 
have decided to use Thaladimide.  Which leaves her with a 30% chance it will 
work. My mom's Doctor said the prognosis is very poor, and expected her not 
to last more than 6 months.  I looking for anyone or information on 
Thaladimide or who has used it before.
Thanks,       Kathy
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