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[MOL] Lillian

Title: Lillian

 Hi Lillian,

I wish Chuck a safe trip and hope everything goes ok.  What exactly is going to happen on this trip?  I'm sorry you have not been feeling well, hopefully your test results will come out just fine. 

I have a friend who is down in Houston right now receiving some serious radiation.  He has cancer of the parathyroid.  2 years ago he went through chemo and surgery and radiation and everything went away but now it is back and he had to have additional surgery, the Doctor indicated to him that it was trying to spread to his esophagus.  I was wondering if there was any information on parathyroid cancer and/or treatment info.  I have seen alot of stuff on Thyroid cancer but not on parathyroid.  I know you are busy, so just when you have time.

My husband is in Arkansas (doing music) until Sunday so Chance & I are on our own for the weekend.  It is always boring around the house w/out 'Daddy'.  I can hardly wait until summer so we can go swimming, good exercise and alot of fun for both of us.  Mom is having her CT scan on Monday to see if Gemzar is working.  She sure looks different now, even walks different, with her shoulders all hunched up like every step is taxing.  Her eyes are weird too.  I have been reading this stuff on chemo brain and I know a few months ago she was complaining that she couldn't think of what she wanted to say but now she is talking less and less.  I'm not sure if it is the percocet or if she just doesn't feel like talking.  I do enough talking for the both of us and maybe she is just too tired.  I don't know but I'm not going to dwell on it, I really feel she is just too fatigued.