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Chuck has about a 17 hour drive from S.C. to Staten Is.  He will do it in
two days. Leaves tomorrow, arrives Sunday, pre-tests Monday, something
Wednesday and then finds out what they feel is best for him.  I am not going
for three reasons.  One, I haven't been feeling well; so I am waiting for
tests results myself.  2.  Chuck stays at the Coast Guard Base (he's
retired) and it's free; no woman allowed; so you know he can't beat that
price.  Besides I have to take care of the fort here.  For some reason I
don't believe he will be gone long.

That is wonderful that they do the harvesting of the cells at UofM.  How far
is that from you?  You are fortunate to have such a understanding boss.
Does the UofM not do the implants also?  I wanted to tell you that this
procedure has worked pretty well for many cancers so I applaud your choice.
Today many doctors are telling new mothers to have their cord blood saved.
This way if the baby ever needs the stem cells, they can get their very own.
This is a good idea; as many diseases are being treated by stem cells, not
just cancer.  love ya, lillian

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