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[MOL] HBO Special

Good Morning Everyone,

I'm definitely surprised at the quietness of this group concerning last
nights HBO special.   I for one enjoyed the program.  Of course, it
highlighted what we on the forum already figured out "if you want it
done, do it yourself".  But, of course, we have each other and a lot of
good resource on this forum.  Lil, we got our "fix" on on-line surgery
last night didn't we?  I liked seeing what a tumor of the colon looked
like, it is different than I thought it would be.  As I predicted, my
husband left the room and kept asking if it was over yet.

I think I would show HOPE in an even better light than the show did.
There were a lot of facts and figures, but now enough survivors to suit
me.  I suppose it is because we do have such a long way to go with
cancer, but there are a lot of survivors who fought the hard fight and
are living proof now.  Oh well, guess I'll have to create my own show if
I want to have it as perfect as I see it. LOL.


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