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[MOL] A Joke From Me

Good Morning All,

Just receieved this from my Brother who is a jokester and provides me
with my morning smiles. HOpe you will like this and hope it does not
offend anyone. WE are Jewish and we get great laughs out of just lauging
at ourselves through these jokes. They are not meant to offend anyone,
but to take them in the spirit and light for which the humor is cast.
Hope it brings a smile to your face as well.

Hope you smile at this: 

> This old gentleman's dear old dog passed away. 
> > >> He was so attached to that dog that he went to his Rabbi and 
> > >> asked if the Rabbi would say kadish for the dog. 
> > >> The Rabbi said, "No, we only say kadish for humans, not animals. 
> > >> However there is a new congregation two blocks down 
> > >> the street from here. You go there and ask if they will 
> > >> bless your dog. The man thanked the Rabbi and said, 
> > >> "Do you suppose they would also accept my donation 
> > >> of $75,000?" The Rabbi said, "Hold it -- come back. 
> > >> You didn't tell me the dog was Jewish." >>

God Bless You All,
marty auslander
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