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[MOL] About Wheatgrass

Good Morning All,

To us, thiis a very good form of nutrient and fortified with the natural
antioxidants that are needed to beat cancer and keep cancer free. Some
of them anyway. Hope this benefits.


Wheatgrass Juice contains vitamins B, C, E, and carotene (Vitamin A). We
need Vitamin
A to prevent weak or brittle bones, night blindness, and dry skin.
Vitamin A is needed for good eyesight, normal growth and reproduction.
Vitamin B is the anti-stress vitamin. The more stress we are under the
more of this vitamin is needed. Vitamin B helps the digestive system,
the adrenal glands and is essential for normal brain and body formation.
Vitamin C is important for the health of the skin, teeth, gums, eyes,
muscles and joints. Vitamin E is an antinfections and helps the heart.
The Vitamin E in Wheatgrass Juice is 10 times more easily assimilated by
the body than synthetic Vitamin E.


Mineral salts are basic to all organic life. The electrical currents of
life transfer through Organic minerals (minerals from plants). Organic
minerals regulate the elimination and blood-building functions of the
body. If you take inorganic minerals (those available in pill form) ,
you need 10-20 times more , risking an overload, upsetting your internal

These minerals are not found in any one single source. That is why we go
to great
extremes and cost to add minerals to our Genesis Wheatgrass Soil. We
have selected
minerals from Volcanoes from New Mexico, ancient sea beds from Southeast
Texas and
Florida, kelp from the North Seas and earthworm castings we produce here
on our farm.
We would never grow Wheatgrass in only compost. " If its' not in the
soil, it's not in
the grass."

When someone tells me they grow Wheatgrass in organic compost, my first
thought is
who's compost mine or yours, or John's or Sam's? All these composts
would have a
different mineral content. Some minerals could have been leached out
during the
composting process. Some add peat moss which have virtually no
nutrients. The U.S.
Senate Document # 264 in 1936 showed that 12 growing seasons would
deplete most
nutrients from the soil. It concerns me when I hear of someone growing
Wheatgrass in
only composted Wheatgrass mats. Each cycle of growing Wheatgrass,
cutting the
Wheatgrass, composting the Wheatgrass mats, with no minerals being added
back, the
Wheatgrass becomes less and less nutritional, indicated by a Bitter
tasting Wheatgrass, thin blades, and a pale green color. Wheatgrass
grown in a highly mineralized soil 1. is a good source of calcium.
Calcium cannot be used properly if other trace minerals are not present.
Plants such as Wheatgrass Juice and other live foods, have the trace
minerals present to make the calcium absorbed by the body. Even though
spinach, beet greens, and chard have more calcium than Wheatgrass, the
presence of oxalic acid binds the calcium making it unusable by the

2. is a good source of iron. Iron is needed for red blood formation.
Inorganic iron can cause constipation, The iron in Wheatgrass Juice has
no side effects. Wheatgrass has an abundance of magnesium, potassium and
calcium. These minerals maintain the pH of the blood. Alkaline minerals
must neutralize the acids from metabolism in order to maintain healthy
bones and teeth and build our immunity against colds and other
illnesses. Normal blood contains five grams of sodium per pint. Sodium
aids digestion, elimination and regulates the fluids in our cells.
Americans eat too much sodium in shape of table salt. Wheatgrass Juice
has a safe amount of sodium for even people on a low salt diet. 

3. contains all known mineral elements including selenium and zinc.
If your Wheatgrass is bitter, not sweet, its not grown in "Genesis"
Wheatgrass Soil.

                                 Amino Acids 

A deficiency of just one amino acid can result in allergies, low energy,
sluggish digestion, poor resistance to infection, and premature aging.
Wheatgrass Juice contains 17 amino acids, lysine, isoleucine,
tryptophane, phenylalanine, threonine valine, methionine, alanine,
arginine, aspartic acid, glutamic acid, glycine, histidine, proline,
serine, and tyrosine


MSM is a sulfur bearing molecule found in all living organisms destroyed
in processed
food. It helps our body use vitamins, help to reduce allergies, helps
detoxify the body and increase oxygen, and helps take out inflammation.
Our habit of processing everything we eat not only destroys some of the
vitamins but totally destroys 100% of the enzymes.
Enzymes are also destroyed by drying. Enzymes found in Wheatgrass Juice
help detoxify
the pollutants inside us and help with digestion. The most important
enzymes isolated
from Wheatgrass Juice are: 
1. cytochrome oxidase, an antioxidant required for proper cell
2. lipase, a fat splitting enzyme 
3. protease, a protein digestant 
4. amylase, which facilitates starch digestion 
5.catalase, which catalyzes the decomposition of hydrogen peroxide into
water and oxygen in the blood and tissues. 
6. transhydrogenase, an enzyme which aids in keeping the muscle tissue
of the heart toned
7. superoxide dismutase (SOD) Clinical trials show that SOD can help
protect us from cell damage due to superoxides, infections, aging,
radiation, and poisoning from bad air, bad food, and drugs. Wheatgrass
is a superior source of SOD.

                         Chlorophyll and Oxygen 

Wheatgrass is 70% chlorophyll (the green part of the plant). Dr. G.H.
Earp Thomas,
scientific researcher, considers Wheatgrass chlorophyll "the richest
nutritional liquid known to man." Chapter 3 of The Wheatgrass Book by
Ann Wigmore ,includes evidence of the blood cleansing and building
abilities of chlorophyll, its effect on the circulatory system and
oxygen supply, and its role in detoxifying and regenerating the liver. 

God Bless You all,
marty auslander
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